Paper Playing Cards   


Oklahoma Cards offers two lines of playing cards to fulfill all of your floor needs. Our cards are printed on the finest plastic and paper stock to ensure easy and reliable shuffling and dealing.
Cosmo Playing Cards are the finest and durability premier cards.

Custom cards. All sizes available.
100% longer table time than competition.
With a beautiful top notch handling which make them market's top pick.
A great visual contrast, keeping magnificent colors printing.
The paper card looks cleaner, extra durable, and all in all, possesses a superior feel.
Unique paperstock formula never experienced in the paper playing card market.
The most popular playing card in Native America Casinos.
Available in Standard, TechArt/No Peek, Jumbo and Super Jumbo.
Embossed and Extremely durable.
Easy glide finish.
Color coordinated tuck boxes for easy identification.
Multi-deck/pre-shuffled options available.
The origin of our raw material are NOT from Asia.

Colors and Patterns


Sizes and Desings