PVC Playing Cards  

Oklahoma Cards is the well-known prefer american manufacturer that produces some of the highest quality playing cards in the world. Milwaukee brand is made from 100% plastic, they will wear 100 times longer than regular cards.

Very long lasting, slippery and excellent handling.
Unsurpassed Flexibility with DURAFLEX technology.
Stays in shape even with the roughest of handlers.
Milwaukee line shuffle better and slide across the tables beautifully.
100% longer table time than competition.
A great visual contrast, keeping magnificent colors printing.
No dents, creases, shuffler jams or moisture problems.
The most popular playing card in Native America Casinos.
Different back patterns and colors available.
Custom cards. All sizes available.
Available in Standard, TechArt/No Peek, Jumbo and Super Jumbo.
Color coordinated tuck boxes for easy identification.
The origin of our raw material are NOT from Asia.

Colors and Patterns



Sizes and Desings